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New Gymnastics Leotards for Sale at the Gym

Member pricing:$24 (tax included)
Non-member pricing:$27 (tax included)

Leotards are made in the USA. In my opinion, they run a bit small. You are welcome to try on leotards over undergarments prior to purchase. Cash or check only. Checks may be written to PowerPlay. Questions: Ask Casie. 

Child Sizes: XXS(2-3), XS(4-5), S(6-7), M(8-10), L(10-12), 
Adult Sizes: AJR(12-14 CHILD), AXS, AS, AM, AL


Leotard Resale!
Consider selling your used leotards here!!!

Rules for Selling:
Make sure leotards are clean and hung neatly on a hanger
Take a tag or neon sticker and clearly print your student’s name and price on the label
Hang on the used leotard half of the rack
Please try and sell no more than 2 - 3 leotards at a time
If your child’s leotard sells, the price paid will be applied as a credit to your family’s account (PowerPlay will NOT be playing the “middle-man” and exchanging money back and forth)
As the rightful owner of the leotard(s), you may take your item(s) off the sale rack or reduce your price as you feel necessary

Rules for Buying:
Take tag or sticker off the leotard that you are choosing to buy and attach it to your payment envelope
You are agreeing to pay the listed price, no negotiating or paying a lower price
There are no refunds or exchanges for used leotards, be sure to inspect for flaws or damages and try them on prior to purchasing
Payment for leotards can be added to checks that are paying for your child’s tuition, there is no need to write separate checks

PowerPlay is not responsible for stolen property. Most people are honest and we feel like this is a great option for leotard purchasing. If we have problems with dishonesty, this resale will no longer continue and leotards will be returned to their owners.